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Rehearsals for pantomime jail house rock scene

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Small Compositions 

This is my first piece that is based of a visual stimuli and the style i had chosen was a military feel orchestral piece.battlefield-1-break-2-1476746598841

This song is an improvised sample piece with improvised piano over guitar and bass samples.

This song is an Indian inspired piece of music.

This songs stimulus is based of found sounds and samples and loops.

This songs stimulus is for a music for a video game.

This song stimulus is inspiration and the inspiration to this song was oasis.

This songs stimulus was written for a commercial for a dance festival.

This song is a composition for a video game advert.

Long Compositions

This composition is a piano piece in a Rondo form structure

This song is a standard Pop Punk Feel instrumental

This composition is a piece for a video game trailer full length