My name is Sean Simpson i am a musician and music technician from the north west at mid-cheshire college.

I am a keen worker and I always put 100% into my work as a technician and musician.


Sean is a young, dynamic, accomplished sound engineer and technologist in the music industry with many fruitful ideas. He is noted for delivering finely polished sound for stage shows and pantomimes, and is also skilled as a musician. He plays very good Guitar and is skilled at playing the Drums and Piano, he also has a unique voice which he has used within numerous working rock bands. He is also seen as the go-to person for sound technology for front of house and monitoring. Sean would benefit any company, band or studio with his huge skilful knowledge in the art of sound engineering. He is a chameleon of on and offstage and is an asset. He attained this skill while attending Mid Cheshire College to study HND Music and Music Technology, where he left with two straight D’s. He is a very sociable individual who plays in a number of bands, and has a vast array of experience doing work within studios, recording different genres with a variety of people. Sean is also a good people-person, who has an outgoing personality and good sense of humour, which he uses to attract like-minded people. Sean has a keen interest in a wide range of musical genres, ranging from rock, metal and electronic.

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